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Standard & Poor's research added

On several pages on this website Standard & Poor's research has been added, see below:


Dutch Mortgage and Consumer Loan Markets › Publicly Available Research

  • Dutch RMBS Index Report Q4 and Q3 2019
  • European RMBS Index Report 2019 - February 26, 2020


Dutch Securitisation Transactions › Credit Rating Agency Methodologies


  • Guidance | Criteria | Structured Finance | RMBS: Guidance: Principles For Rating Debt Issues Based On Imputed Promises


 Dutch Securitisation Transactions › Publicly Available Research

  • COVID-19 May Be A Litmus Test For European RMBS Calls 
  • ​European ABS and RMBS: Assessing The Credit Effects of COVID-19
  • Credit FAQ: Will Mortgage Payment Suspensions Related To COVID-19 Affect European RMBS?

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