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Dutch Securitisation Association

Welcome to the homepage of the Dutch Securitisation Association (DSA).

The DSA was established in October 2012 with the aim of promoting the interests of both issuers of and investors in Dutch securitisation transactions. Its ultimate objective is to create a healthy and well functioning market for Dutch securitisation transactions.

The DSA and the Dutch investor community have agreed to maintain an active dialogue on all issues that are relevant for the roles of both parties in the Dutch securitisation market.

In response to the decline in market activity in the European securitisation market, the originators of Dutch RMBS transactions jointly started an initiative in 2010 to improve transparency and reduce complexity of Dutch securitisation transactions. This initiative has resulted in the introduction of a standard for Dutch RMBS transactions, in respect of both investor reporting and documentation. In 2016 respectively 2019 standards for Dutch Consumer Loan Securitisations and Dutch BTL RMBS were added.

This website is intended to be the portal where third parties can find independent information in respect of the Dutch housing, mortgage, consumer loan and securitisation market and information related to all Dutch mortgage and consumer loan securitisation.

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