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Property Sales and Prices

Several institutions and organisations report on property sales, prices, and performance developments in the Netherlands. Below is a brief description of the various parties and their property valuation methodologies.

Statistics Netherlands
Statistics Netherlands reports the price index purchase prices on a monthly basis, based on the Sale Price Appraisal Ratio method. The price index adjusts for changes in the quality mix of dwellings sold in a particular period. This statistic is published by Statistics Netherlands and the Land Registry.

Land Registry
Besides the price index purchase prices, the Land Registry publishes an index of average transaction prices and the number of transactions per month. The average transaction price is divided into several home types. Furthermore, the Land Registry publishes the monthly number of auctioned sales (foreclosures) in the Netherlands.

The Dutch association of real estate brokers NVM publishes a quarterly price index of purchase prices, also adjusted for the quality mix of dwellings sold.

All Dutch municipalities carry out property valuations on residential properties under the Real Estate Valuation Law (WOZ). These valuations are the basis of real estate taxation.

Calcasa is an automated valuation model (AVM) provider in the Netherlands, providing an estimation of the current open market and foreclosure value of a given residential property based on comparable sales and hedonic regression techniques.