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Origination of Consumer Loans

Consumer loans in the Netherlands are originated either directly through the branch network of the originating bank or finance company, or through an independent intermediary (both franchisees and individual intermediaries) that provide independent advice.

Banks account for about one third of the consumer credit outstanding. The outstanding of finance companies accounted for about two thirds of the consumer credit outstanding.

Code of Conduct
Both the Dutch Banking Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken, NVB) and the Vereniging van Financieringsondernemingen in Nederland (VFN), maintain a Code of Conduct for Consumer Credit (Gedragscode Consumptief Krediet), which is ratified by all their members.

The Code has a 'comply or explain' nature, with limited possibility to deviate from the Code principles. A vast majority of consumer loans in the Netherlands is originated in line with the principles of the code of conduct, Borrowing capacity is based on income and is determined in collaboration with the National Institute for Family Finance Information (NIBUD).